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Our Mission

Corona has isolated us from one another, and some people may not even remember how to deal with offline social contacts again. That’s precisely why we focus on bringing people back together. One click is all it takes to meet old friends or make new ones. Our app offers experiences for everyone, from parties and concerts to plays and sporting events. So there are no more excuses to sit around alone on your couch! (Unless of course you need some time off). But not only event visitors were struck by the last years. Especially for organizers and venue owners, a complete existence has collapsed. That’s why we provide solutions for them to manage events and venues easily and help them gain more insights into their target group. Together with our social event app, we enable them to strengthen their brand and community to get back on track again.



Our Vision

What we envision with Univents is to create a central anchor point for everything related to experiences and events. Eventually, Organizers will be able to book their artists, venues, and services like catering effortlessly through our platform, get insights into their audience and target the right user group precisely. Software developers can provide other participants with additional add-ons through a marketplace. And visitors will be able to coordinate meetings with their friends, stay up-to-date on what’s happening around them, and easily connect to new people to feel at home anywhere in the world.

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We Are Univents

Four young founders from Heilbronn who love to tackle new, complex challenges and make the world a more connected place

Image of the CEO Andreas Köckeis.

Andreas Köckeis

Image of the COO Christopher Stewen

Christoher Stewen

Image of the CTO Johannes Groß

Johannes Groß


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