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Our Mission

At Univents, we are focused on easing the event management process for event managers through our comprehensive digital platform, aiming to reduce their workload by 50%. By simplifying the planning, execution, and analysis of events, we enhance efficiency and improve event quality. Our platform allows seamless management of all challenges while significantly optimizing operational processes.



Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a global platform that unites all actors and participants in the event sector. We aim for Univents to become the central hub for organizers, guests, and service providers to collaborate and create outstanding events. By leveraging advanced technologies and fostering innovation, we provide an inclusive and integrated experience that fundamentally changes the way events are organized and experienced.

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We Are Univents

Three young founders from Heilbronn who love to tackle new, complex challenges and make the world a more connected place

Image of the CEO Andreas Köckeis.

Andreas Köckeis


Markus Link

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Christoher Stewen