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Say goodbye to fragmented software solutions and manual data copying between Excel spreadsheets. With Univents, you get everything you need for successful event management in one platform – fully equipped with automations and AI-supported processes.

Highly customizable service and location bookings

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Univents not only takes away unnecessary and tedious work, but also saves significant costs in your company. Moreover, thanks to your Unisuite, you can eliminate many other tools and save money!

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Let's be honest, does efficient event management look like this for your customers or location?

One thing is clear: in event management, no day is like another. The many challenges can quickly overwhelm you, from booking requests to communicating with vendors, budget planning, and countless emails—it’s easy to lose track. And often, at the end of the day, you’re left with a feeling of chaos and stress…

Too many inquiries, service providers, tasks, management, emails...

Juggling all aspects of event planning is an immense challenge. Schedules, resources, and an endless amount of tasks can become an overwhelming burden. It’s not just about simple time management but about fundamentally improving workflow processes.

Frequent scheduling conflicts or suboptimal room utilization
Incomplete documentation leads to search stress and overtime
Time-consuming email ping-pong with clients and service providers

Arbeit mit 10 Tools, Excel-Tabellen, Checklisten und keinen Vorlagen

Switching between various tools like Excel for financial planning, booking software, and communication systems makes the creative work of event planning more challenging. This constant switching is frustrating, time-consuming, and distracting, leading to the loss of valuable resources that could be better used to improve your events.

Error-prone and opaque due to manual maintenance and syncing
High costs from using multiple paid tools
Difficult collaboration and coordination with the team and external parties

Save up to 2 workdays per week with Unisuite

Univents consolidates all communication channels for organizers, artists, partners, and guests into one interface. Moreover, you can manage your contracts, event agenda, tickets, or guests directly within the platform.

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That's how event management works in 5 steps!
Simple, structured, time-saving!

Our software transforms the way you plan events. In just five easy steps, we take you from chaos and stress to structured, automated, and, most importantly, successful event management.

Step 1 – Event inquiries

Automated management of booking inquiries

No more 100,000 emails and calls. Your customers can make inquiries directly through the platform. With our external booking platform and automated processes for accepting booking inquiries, you avoid overbookings and double bookings, creating a seamless experience for your customers.

Of course!

You can customize the booking page to match your brand with colors and a logo. Additionally, you can also integrate us into your website and accept bookings directly there.

Would you prefer to make bookings based on your staff’s capacities? Or would you like to create rooms within your location?

You can choose what you want to select availabilities for and which calendar entries are associated with the respective employees/locations/rooms.

Users achieve an average of 72% time savings
STEP 2 – Managing event inquiries

Handle inquiries in our CRM/contact manager

Our integrated CRM system allows you to keep track of all customer communication. This enables you to centrally store customer data and access it as needed, ensuring a seamless flow of information and facilitating customer relationship management. This way, you can ensure that no inquiry goes unanswered, and every interaction is recorded.

STEP 3 – Planning and executing everything optimally

Easy management of contributors, tasks, documents, schedules, and more...

In event planning, teamwork is essential. Unisuite allows you to assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress in real-time. External service providers can easily be integrated into the planning process, simplifying coordination and saving time. All current modules include:

  • Tasks & Templates
  • File storage & Sharing
  • Schedule planning & Export
  • Personnel planning & Shift schedule
  • Contract signing
  • Document management
Ausschnitte der Event Management Software, die das Dokumenten- und Aufgabenhandling zeigen
Übersicht wie die Event Management Software im CRM Prozess unterstützt.
STEP 4 – More efficient day-to-day operations

Easy communication with an integrated email inbox

With our integrated email inbox, which automatically syncs with your events, you always have an overview of your communication. No more scrolling through endless email threads: you always know which message belongs to which event and can reply directly from our software.

+43% time savings per email interaction.

You can link 1 email inbox per main license to your account. However, you can connect as many accounts as you want for a minimal fee per account.

Yes, we synchronize all relevant data from your email inbox. The data is encrypted and stored on our servers, so you never have to worry about losing emails or manually synchronizing different calendars. You can choose whether to respond in your email inbox or within our tool, but you always have everything organized in our platform.

STEP 5 – Clear overview

Financial management and final analyses

After the event, it’s time to prepare for the next one. To help you maintain a comprehensive overview, our tool assists you with financial planning. You can upload, manage, and compare revenues and expenses. You can also create quotes and invoices directly within our software. This makes post-event follow-up a breeze, and you can already look forward to the next event.

Ausschnitt aus der Event Management Software, der die Finanzübersicht zeigt.

10+ special features only available with our EventOS

We are the first event operating system and focus on your time, not on features

Another feature? Something else complicated that I don’t need? Not with us! Our goal is to optimally support you on your customer journey and save you time wherever possible. Our credo – time saving before features!

Event Templates

Duplicate tasks? Nobody likes that. That’s why we’ve created template libraries for all areas in our tool, allowing you to set up a complete event in just three clicks. By the way: The import takes exactly as long as getting a coffee.

-65% Time savings per event

Mail Sync + Matching

We synchronize your emails, regardless of whether you’ve written them on your phone, PC, or Gameboy, with your tasks and directly assign documents. We also make suggestions for appropriate tasks.

-17% Time savings per task

Task Reminders​

If desired, we automatically remind your customers or service providers of their overdue tasks. This makes it unnecessary to follow up via email yourself!

-29% Time savings per task

Platform for customers and service providers

No – No registration. No complicated “yet another tool” that no one ends up using. We have developed a special extension for emails, through which the customer gets access to many contents from your tool – and that without any additional work for you. (Tasks, Drive, Contracts, Staff scheduling, etc…)

-13% Time savings per task

Online "Sign" Quote + Contracs

Did the customer sign the contract in the wrong place again? Are contents corrected three to four times and sent back and forth? No more contract chaos. Now everything is in one tool.

-23% Time savings per signature

E-Mail AI answers

Based on all the customer and project data we have, we can pre-formulate emails exactly in your wording – and that with just one click. Questions about a document? One click! Missing feedback? One click! …

(coming soon…)

-56% Time savings per mail

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