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Real-Time Reports

Measure engagement with real-time reports

Get a deep insight into your sales and marketing efficiency. Create custom reports that you can export to any of your favorite tools

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Reach your audience world wide

Bring your guests in from all parts of the world by providing them localized experiences down to language, display, and currencies.

Sell event tickets from your website

Effective Ticketing

Get modern ticketing that fits you needs

Forget the times when you were frustrated about your ticketing or had to pay a fortune to use it. With Univents, ticketing becomes simple, enjoyable, and efficient.

Pagebuilder customization

Branded Experience

Fully customize the branding of your appearance

Build fully immersive ticket shops to deliver an excellent experience for your customers that aligns with every aspect of your company's aesthetics.

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Get a glimpse on your trade fairs' new home

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