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Guest Management

Keep track of your guests and engage them with offers

Keep information about your guests in one place and send them attractive promotions and discount codes to increase their retention.

Data Capture Forms

Data Capture

Plan ahead for the weeks to come

Get insights from your customers about what they want to eat to make the planning process for you as easy as it gets. Keep customers' preferences logged for the events to come.

Restaurant reserved seating

Reserved Seating

Provide visually pleasing reservation tools

Insert a layout or picture of your restaurant's tables in the seating planner to give your guests a better overview of what they can book. Increase conversions by displaying your beautiful interiors.

In app orderings

In-app orders

Let your customers order right from our app (in planning)

Gain deeper insights into your guests' wants and needs to fine-tune your marketing strategy. Manage orders easily and spend more time preparing excellent meals instead of management.

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