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Ever tried to find great events on existing platforms? Then you likely know how frustrating the process can be. Univents provides a remedy by equipping your customers with personalized suggestions and strong filters to find your event in no time.

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Website Listing

Be found on our website - you guessed it: for free

Not everyone likes to use apps or needs a social network behind his events. That's why we have a website with all the event listings and equally strong filters available as well.

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Social Share

Let guests invite their friends to increase your reach

With the integrated social network, guests can easily invite their friends to your event, share it on social media, or buy a ticket right from their mobile phones. Straightforward interactions to maximize your revenue.

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Event Chat

Interact with your visitors directly

Let people know about event updates, hype them up for your show, or simply get to know them better - all from within our app. Additionally, send emails to registered guests to increase your reach further.

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