The 7 Best Portals to Find Local Events

January 19, 2023

Traveling to a new city or just sitting on the couch looking for an interesting activity? We sure know that feeling. The usual way to learn about local events is via word of mouth. But what if none of your friends are available this weekend or you’re just not yet integrated with the local culture?

But luckily, we’re living in the digital age where most information is accessible through the web. Here we have collected some great portals that might just save your weekend. Check them out!

Lot's of Worldwide Events and New Friends: Univents

We might be a little opinionated about that one, but hey, we also put in a lot of effort to create the most comprehensive event overview for you! 😜
With Univents you can find events from small to big, paid and free in towns worldwide with a strong emphasis on the German market. Once you found the perfect fit for your evening, you can directly share it with your friends or connect with the people going to the party.

PRO: Most comprehensive event library connected to social features in this comparison.

CON: It’s in early development and you might encounter some bugs.

Get the Univents app right here!

Find Popular Events in Major Cities: Eventbrite

On Eventbrite, you can find quite a lot of cool events of all sorts in major cities throughout the world. It’s neat that you are able to follow your favorite organizers to stay up-to-date with their events.
Search for specific types of events in your city and get to know some new people on site.

PRO: Good event overview and useful follow feature.

CON: Only includes Eventbrite events and lots of promotion.

Go to Eventbrite

Get Tickets for the Largest Events: Eventim

Eventim is one of the biggest players in the ticketing market. If you’re searching for tickets for a specific act, you will likely find it here. Also, their FanSale platform lets you swap tickets with people for events that are otherwise sold out already.
While you can find events for large musicians and events here, you’ll likely have a hard time searching for smaller acts or when you want to discover new events. Eventim’s strength rather lies in the ticket sale and event management process.

PRO: Huge repertoire of tickets for big events.
CON: No free events and it’s tough to discover events if you don’t know what to search for.

Click here to get to Eventim

Follow Your Favorite Artists: Songkick

Want to know when your favorite musician is back in town? Then you’ve come to the right place. Songkick focuses on bringing you the most up-to-date information about various artists and connects automatically to your Spotify and Apple Music accounts to follow them (definitely something we’ll bring in in a later update as well 😁).

You can also get recommendations for upcoming concerts or browse new artists you might like.

PRO: Easy to personalize and a good repertoire of concerts.
CON: Only concerts and difficult to find new artists.

Check out Songkick

Big Events Worldwide: Ticketmaster

Another one of the giants in the ticketing industry. On Ticketmaster, you can find large and paid events worldwide and buy your ticket directly through the website. So if you’re looking for some specific event tickets while traveling you’re good to go with their web interface. For discovering new events and a more feature-rich interface you might prefer some of the aforementioned solutions 😉

 Lots of huge international events.
CON: Mostly big players and not your local heroes here.

Find events on Ticketmaster

Get Even More Bands and Concerts: Bandsintown

Just like Songkick, BandsInTown lets you follow your favorite artists and reminds you when your favorite musician is in town. Other than Songkick, BandsInTown has a little twist to it: It also lets artists create profiles to keep their fans up-to-date with information themselves and promote their events.
So if you’re a musician, it might also be worthwhile checking their portal out😄

PRO: Easy customization and nice look.
CON: A bit unintuitive interactions so it takes a bit to get used to.

Visit Bandsintown

Still the Most Complete Library of Events: Facebook

Especially for events, it is tough to get around the social media giant Facebook. Until today it is still one of the most complete resources for events as its event feature had been around since the early days and it is still one of the networks with the highest user count.

PRO: Contains more events than any other platform.

CON: It is tough to browse through events or get recommendations that are actually useful.