Schedule recurring events

January 30, 2023

Oftentimes we’ll have a similar event multiple times or have a whole event series. Here’s how you can set that up in our system in no time.


How to schedule a repeat

When you want to copy your event, you have two options:

  1. Copy your event
  2. Schedule repeats


Both have slightly different use cases. When you copy your event, you’ll have the option to either create an independent copy or a connected event, with all the event details with a new start and end date. The copy option is most useful if you either want the event to be independent of the original or if the event happens irregularly. Independent means, that changes in the original event will never be reflected in the copy. Event repeats are best suited for events that repeat on a regular basis and are always connected. That means, whenever you make a change to one of those events, you’ll have the option (but don’t have to) to automatically make that change to all other events in the series. So if you’d have a series called “90s Saturday” and you’d like to change the name to “80s Saturday”, you’d only have to do that once for all events in the series.

To create an independent copy of your event, click here:

To schedule connected repeats, click here: